Keith's Portfolio
  • Playlister

    MeetUp Spot

    Meeting Spot is a web application that allows you and your friends to input their locations and find a common meeting place based on transit time. You can also input other parameters like type of place, time of meeting and price point.

  • Transcriot


    Transcriot is a web application created for the NYPL Labs that provides the ability for volunteers to transcribe eyewitness accounts of the New York City Draft Riots of 1863. Rails, Regex & jQuery for selection boxes.

  • Game of Life

    Game of Life

    Conway's Game of life. In a world where cells live or die based on their neighbors. This. Is. The. Game of LIFE! Algorithm in Ruby, FrontEnd in AngularJS & Sinatra Backend.

  • Rescuisine


    Hunger is a huge problem in the world. Our application helps closes the gap between restaurants throwing away food and Homeless Shelters. Technologies: AngularJS, Sinatra, ActiveRecord, Faye, Twillio API and SideKiq.